Workshop 8 - Making a video system 

This one is going to be a code-along, i.e. follow what I am doing on the big screen. 

Lets get our 'AnalogInOutSerial' sketch back (File/Examples/03.Analog) and load it up. 

We are going to adapt the Arduino code and the Max patch from the previous example in the following way:

Arduino code

  • Remove the lines we don't want
  • Add the button elements from the previous examples
  • Tidy up our output names

Max patch

  • Build a video player, video file menu, projector output
  • Provide some routing for the new pot input and renamed button input
  • Use the button to stop and start the video
  • Use the pot to change the speed of playback
  • Add some effects and try routing more buttons and faders



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