Forest Of Imagination 2019 - Miniature World Illuminations

This work was exhibited for the Forest Of Imagination event in Bath from 21st - 24th June. In preparation for the piece I interviewed some local people about a childhood memory of a special place or memorable experience in a natural environment. I then extracted a small section of the audio from this interview, added some environmental sounds and used the description to create a detailed small world. These small worlds were housed in laser cut cases along with some electronics and a large battery; when the button on the front is held the window clears, some lights illuminate and the audio track is played. These small worlds were then embedded in the large fallen London Plane tree in Sydney Gardens.

Prior to the main installation some preparatory work was done with students at Three Ways Special School in Bath. As part of a research day, students were given some laser cut boxes with sound record/playback devices and asked to create their own small worlds.